Kids First Podcast

The Kids First Podcast serves to help parents navigate pediatric health. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Karen Gentile and Jean Russo host an evidence-based educational discussion about pediatric health conditions and concerns designed for parents of kids of all ages. Click here to listen on iTunes

Episode 1: Introducing the Kids First Podcast

Kids first podcast episode 1
Episode 2: Seasonal Allergies

Kids first podcast episode 2
Episode 3: Infant Sleep Training

sleep training podcast
Episode 4: Traveling with Kids

Travel clinic podcast
Episode 5: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding podcast
Episode 6: Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety tips podcast
Episode 7: Toddler Sleep Training

Toddler sleep training
Episode 8: Screentime

kids and screen time
Episode 9: Social Media and Youth

social media and youth
Episode 10: Introducing Solid Foods to Infants

introducing solid foods
Episode 11: Nutrition Basics

nutrition basics podcast
Episode 12: Fever Facts with Dr. Jenny Kim

fever facts
Episode 13: Cold and Flu Season

Episode 14: Croup

cold and flu podcast
Episode 15: Ear Infections

Episode 16: Potty Training

potty training podcast
Episode 17: Car Seat Safety

Episode 18: Healthy Snack Ideas

Episode 19: Picky Eating

Episode 20: Flu Season

Episode 21: Constipation

Episode 22: Toddler Tantrums

Episode 23: Seasonal Allergies

Episode 24: Exercise

Episode 25: Food and Drug Allergies

Episode 26: Product Recalls and SIDS

Episode 27: Immune System & Fevers

Episode 28: Hand, foot & mouth

Episode 29: Developmental Milestones